Burst Zoom Photography

" With these amazing examples, it is evident that not always a sharp and crystal clear image is required and sometimes adding a good amount of blur and burst makes the photograph stand out from the rest. Getting back to the burst zoom technique, to be able to take burst zoom photographs you have to follow the following steps:
  1. Set your camera to slow shutter speed and a wide aperture.
  2. Try to shoot in manual mode.
  3. Get ready for the action
Now, the execution part comes in. As you’ve already set your camera up in manual mode with slow shutter, you’ll get plenty of time to execute the burst zoom. To do that, as soon as you press the button to take photograph, zoom your lens quickly to the subject and get back. This should be done in a split second otherwise you won’t get the desired effect. If you’ve done everything right, you’ll be very happy to see the results. "

Ils sont cool chez Hongkiat de nous filer des tuyaux pour faire de belles photos. Mais quand tu disposes d'un appareil aussi pourri que le mien, il n'est guère facile de les mettre en application. Heureusement qu'il existe un tas de développeurs sympa pour venir en aide aux pauvres gars comme moi.
J'utilise ( entre autres ) souvent LiveQuartz ( mac os x 10.4 et plus ) pour retoucher mes photos.

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